Company NameTelEmailWebSiteNationality
Gaylord Chemical Corporation 985 649 5464 [email protected] United States
Gee Lawson Ltd. 44 20 8343 5400 [email protected] United Kingdom
Gelest, Inc. (215)-547-1015、國內代理:+86 186 2116 9097 [email protected]、國內代理:[email protected] United States
General Intermediates of Canada, Inc. 780 483 2783 [email protected] Canada
Generichem Corporation 973 256 9266 [email protected] United States
GenScript Corporation 732 885 9188 [email protected] United States
Genzyme Pharmaceuticals 800 868 8208 United States
GFS Chemicals 800 858-9682 (U.S. & Canada) [email protected] United States
Givaudan-Roure 201 365 8000 United States
GLSynthesis Inc. 508 754 6700 [email protected] United States
Glycopep Chemicals, Inc. 312 563 1561 [email protected] United States
Glycosynth Limited 44 1925 575075 [email protected] United Kingdom
GLYCOTEAM GmbH +49 40 238 57911 [email protected] Germany
Goldfinch Laboratories +44 1977712231 [email protected] United Kingdom
Grau Aromatics GmbH & Co. KG 49 7171 91140 [email protected] Germany
Goldband Chemical Co., Ltd 0563-6832688 [email protected] China
Changzhou Yuexing Chemical Co., Ltd +86-519-85066518 86803388 [email protected] China
Shanghai Garden Biochem Technology Co., Ltd 86-021-50800786 [email protected] China
Generay Biotech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd 400-026-8886 [email protected] China
Zhangjiagang Guotai-Huarong New Chemical Materials Co., Ltd 0086-512-58780118 58770531 [email protected] China
Greatlinks Chemical Corp 13701229434 [email protected] China
Zhejiang Guangke Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd +86-575-88131100 ,+86-575-88030800-8212 [email protected] China
Dongyang Galt Fine Chemical Industry Co., Ltd 18279316911 [email protected] China
Guangzhou Chengcheng Chemical Co., Ltd 020-82523109 [email protected] China
Panjin Green Biological Development Co., Ltd 0427-6572687 6572687 [email protected] China
Hangzhou Guibao Chemical Co., Ltd 0571-82463598 [email protected] China
Guangzhou Toption Non-ferrous Metals Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd 0086-20-38773950 [email protected] China
Guangshui National Chemical Co., Ltd 0086-27-83395218 [email protected] China
Beijing Green Huayang S.T.D. Co., Ltd 010-88119489 China
Gaoyou Auxiliary Factory +86-514-84583858,84583800,84582168 [email protected] China
Zhejiang Taizhou Huangyan Goss Pharm. Chem. Co., Ltd 0795-2592233 [email protected] China
Xinghua Green Biological Preparation Co., Ltd 86-0523-83495888 83495818 [email protected] China
Foshan Gaoqi Oil Chemical Co., Ltd 0757-85620242 [email protected] Europe
Shanghai Hosen Trade Co., Ltd 86-21-32030191 32030234 [email protected] China
Kaiping Genuine Biochemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 0750-2882278 2882133 [email protected] China
Hangzhou Green Plantchem Co., Ltd 86-571-88223531,85661283 [email protected] China
Zhangjiagang Yaxiya Chemical Co., Ltd 0086-512-58581413 58633037 [email protected] China
Cangzhou Green Chemical Co., Ltd 0317-4856207 4850027 [email protected] China
Zhenjiang Gaopeng Medicine Co., Ltd 86-0511-83170128 88901268 [email protected] China
Suzhou Sunray Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 0086-512-68086196 68418607 68085197 [email protected] China
Shenzhen Xinnuo Technology Co., Ltd China
Shanghai Greenland International Trade Co., Ltd +86-21-5235 1522 China
Zhangjiagang Gangda Chemical Co., Ltd 0086-512-58609331/30, 58660601 [email protected] China
Tianjin Green Crude Foliage Technological Co., Ltd China
Xiantao Greenchem Industries Co., Ltd 0728 -2744796 13507226918 [email protected] China
Chengdu Green Chem Co., Ltd 86-28-83269692 [email protected] China
Xiangfan Goto Chemical Co., Ltd +86-710-3423122 3423123 [email protected] China
Hubei Greenhome chemical Co., Ltd 027-81880548 81880578 [email protected] China
BeiJing Guolianchenghui Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd 8610-82381892 62310208 [email protected] China
Green Fine Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd 86-21-58309610 [email protected] China
Gateway International Corporation Limited 86-28-86080938 [email protected] China
Goly Chemical Co., Ltd 86-0532-55712326 [email protected] China
Changzhou Gengyun Chemical Co., Ltd 0519-88126910 83519208 [email protected] China
Gansu Research Institute of Chemical Industry 0931-8696609 8692528 [email protected] China
Shaanxi Golcen Biological Science Technologices Co., Ltd China
Shanghai Genebase Gene-Tech Co., Ltd 021-64851113 54935741 [email protected] China
Shanghai GL Synthesis Co., Ltd 021-66581156 [email protected] China
Yicheng Goto Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd +86 710 3423122 3423123 [email protected] China
Shandong Goldym Group Co., Ltd 0539-6213888 [email protected] China
Xi'an Gaoyuan Bio-Chem Co., Ltd 029-65692259 [email protected] China
Xinyu Ganfeng Lithium Co., Ltd 86-0790-6857020 [email protected] China
GL Biochem (Shanghai) Ltd 86-21-61263452 (tel), 86-13641803416(mobile) [email protected] China
Guangzhou Genebase Bioscience Co., Ltd 020-82160415 82160427 [email protected] China
Nanjing Good Luck Industry Co., Ltd 86-25-83735192 [email protected] China
Foshan Gold Aluminum Chemical Ind Co., Ltd 0757-83374928 China
Guangdong Duran Trading Co., Ltd (800) 441-7515 [email protected] China
Great Forest Biomedical Co., Ltd 0571-28313180 28313181 [email protected] China
Xianju Green Leaf Pharmaceutical Factory 0576-87820355 [email protected] China
Lianyungang Guiyuan Chempharm Co., Ltd 0518-80682158 80682157 [email protected] China
Linxiang Huanyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 18705763575 [email protected] China
Geodyte Resources Co 0086-10-68459613 [email protected] China
Sichuan Guangsong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd +86 28 85866315 [email protected] China
Greenchem Industries Co., Ltd 86-25-83479300,83479302 [email protected] China
Beijing Gaobo Pharm-Chemicals Tech. Co., Ltd 010-52266256 [email protected] China
Guangzhou Keyinyg Fine Chemical Co., Ltd (+86)20 8376 6162 [email protected] China
G & C Chemical Trade (HK) Co., Ltd +852-27108200-1337 [email protected] China
Suzhou Greenery Chemical Co., Ltd [email protected] China
Hangzhou GreenSky Biological Tech Co., Ltd 86-0571-85392990 85393526 [email protected] China
Shangdong Guangheng Chemicals Co., Ltd 0086-533-7781659 [email protected] China
Qingdao Guolin Industry Co., Ltd China
Chengdu GT Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 86-28-66158391 [email protected] China
Beijing Golden Olive Company +86-10-82904532 [email protected] China
Quzhou Giajie Auxiliary Co., Ltd 0086(570)3830 392 / 3830 028 [email protected] China
Sinochem Guangzhou Imp. & Exp. Corp 86-020-81083877 81081047 [email protected] China
Guilin Pharmaceutical Works 0773-8983921 3675515 [email protected] China
Guangzhou Songyuan New Materials Co., Ltd 020-38769016 387 [email protected] China
Jiangsu Gaoheng Chemical Group +86-25-57836188 57830280 [email protected] China
Hunan Geneham Biomedical Technology Ltd 0731-84433956 86450208 [email protected] China
Guangzhou Leadtec Co., Ltd 0086-20-83395538 [email protected] China
Hangzhou Guochen Chemical, Co., Ltd 0571-87291803 [email protected] China
Shanghai Honghao Chemicals Co., Ltd 86-021-50321622 [email protected] China
Weifang China-Bridge Chemicals Co., Ltd 0086-536-7635778 [email protected] China
Great Dragon Biochemicals Co., Ltd 852-2766 2230,2766 2364 [email protected] China
Gaoyou Guangming Chemical Factory 0514-84522135 [email protected] China
Genchem (Changzhou) Co., Ltd 86-0519-85720006 85720008 [email protected] China
Gremount International Co., Ltd 86-010-59693741/42/43 [email protected] China
Nanjing General Chemical Co., Ltd +86-25 83190965 [email protected] China
Hangzhou Greenda Chemical Co., Ltd 86-571-86691172,13588840231 [email protected] China
Guangzhou Chemical Material Company China
Goldlink Industries Co., Ltd 0510-82724440 82702323 [email protected] China
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